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Welcome to the Stray Coastal Moat Farm Market!

The Stray Moat for short is 100% women owned, women run and women led - but it’s also a family business.

Our name, the Stray Coastal Moat Farm Market, is a nod to the wild coastline that surrounds us, life on the island and because we tend to have a place for anyone that needs a place to go.

Come say hi and check us out when you're visiting the Island - across from the Nanaimo Airport in Cassidy.

Our Story

The farm market across from the airport has been an island landmark since 1979, when it first opened as the Johnson's Farm Market. After 22 years they retired and passed the torch to the Fongs, who took over operations as the Cassidy Farm Market and Deli until 2022. Today, as two young farmers turned market entrepreneurs we are excited to continue the tradition of a family-run farm market in this historic location. 


Our journey started with a lonely goat Larry, a connection made through community farming and a whole lot of support from local makers, bakers and growers ready for a space that would make local foods more accessible to the Island community.


As farmers we know the challenges facing our food system, from climate change to high costs of production and an aging population of experienced farming mentors. It is a critical time for food literacy, people wanting to know where their food comes from and for the creation of a food system that contributes to a livable future.

We are here to share the rich culture and abundance found on Vancouver Island while always prioritizing truly local products and uplifting the local farming community.

Stop by and 'lettuce' point you in the right direction. 



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